Big In Japan lifts X-Sonic to Number 1!


For the first time in the 10-year history of the band, X-Sonic has claimed the number 1 position on ReverbNation's worldwide Electronica chart on the strength of the lead-off single "Big In Japan".  In addition, a new music video produced by Rotorvideo.com is now available at YouTube.  The URL is https://youtu.be/10seORhZsBg.  Check it out now!


Regeneration X Released


After months of work remixing and re-mastering, the 16-track collection "Regeneration X - The Best of X-Sonic" has been released on Zero-One Records!  Included are 12 of the most popular and most-played tracks on internet radio from previous releases as well as new covers of "Obsession", the 1985 release by LA-area band Animotion and "Big In Japan", the 1984 European hit by German band Alphaville.  Listen to the album for free here and get your copy at CD Baby, which includes a 16-page booklet with lyrics and notes about the release.  Downloadable versions are available at CD Baby as well as popular sites such as iTunes and Amazon.


Electropop 10 Release 2/27/2015


A remix of "Machine Language" made exclusively for the German record company Conzoom Records has just been released on their compilation album Electropop volume 10. Look for it soon at conzoomrecords.com!


New Album Release


After 3 1/2 years of work, the new album "Machine Language" will be released May 27, 2014.  It will be available at a variety of locations including CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes.  For local fans, the CDs will be made available shortly thereafter at the following Knoxville, Tennessee area record stores:

Disc Exchange

2615 Chapman Hwy, Knoxville, TN 37920


Lost and Found Records

3710 N Broadway St, Knoxville, TN 37917


Raven Records & Rarities

1200 N Central St, Knoxville, TN 37917


Rocket Johnny/Machine Language Double Single Out Now!


The lead off double single from the forthcoming album "Machine Language" is now available for purchase at CD Baby.  Go to www.cdbaby.com/xsonic3 to check it out!


Rocket Johnny double CD single coming soon!


The double CD single "Rocket Johnny" is scheduled to be released Monday, December 2nd and will feature tracks from the forthcoming album "Machine Language" due out during the first quarter of 2014.  The single will feature the album versions of "Rocket Johnny" and "Machine Language" as well as brilliant remixes of both by Bobby Clark of Synthetik FM.  Look for the release to be available on CDBaby.com as well as iTunes and the Amazon mp3 store.  You can listen to the tracks now on the embedded player.  The tracks on the CD release are being mastered by Simon Heyworth of Super Audio Mastering in Chagford, Devon, UK.


"Machine Language" demos now out!


Three demo tracks from the forthcoming album "Machine Language" are now live at Jango.com.  Head on over and check them out!  They are "The Waiting Game", "Stranger to Me" and "Radio Free America."  Give a listen and let me know what you think!


Recording on "Machine Language" started...


I'm finally starting to lay down the tracks for the new album!  I plan to release a couple of songs later in the spring as sort of a "sneak preview" on this site and my other main sites at SoundClick.com and Jango.com.  While the process isn't always entirely predictable, I hope to have the album ready for release on Zero-One Records by the end of the year.  As with "The Speed of Light" renowned recording engineer and producer Simon Heyworth (formerly with Virgin Records UK) is slated to master the CD for release.  Some of his past credits include albums by Depeche Mode, The Human League, Thomas Dolby and Orchestral Manouvres in the Dark, so it is a real privilege to be working with him again.

Check back soon for more updates on the project and thanks as always for listening (and buying!).



New album in the works!


I know it's been quiet for a while, but I wanted to let everybody know that a new album is underway and recording should commence sometime early next year.  The project is untitled as of yet, but hopefully will be ready for release sometime in the summer or fall of next year.  Unlike the past 2 projects, I plan to sneak preview late-stage demos of selected cuts on this website as well as at SoundClick and Jango to give listeners a taste of the new material.  As always, thanks for listening!!!


New CD picked up at A Different Drum Records!


I am thrilled to announce that "The Speed of Light" has been picked up for distribution by A Different Drum Records in Smithfield, UT.  Headed up by long-time synthpop producer/promoter Todd Durrant, it is one of the largest synthpop-exclusive independent record labels in the world.  With the broad reach of ADD Records, I hope that we can reach a much bigger worldwide audience.  Thanks to Todd for taking a chance and be sure to stop by his website (www.adifferentdrum.com)  for a huge variety of synthpop/electronica music.


Top 10 at CFBX-FM!


I recently received notice that "The Speed of Light" has entered the CFBX-FM Top 10 Electronica chart at number 9 after nearly a month of increasing airplay.  To all my listeners and supporters up in British Columbia, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  Your support is vital the album's continued success!


Thanks to WCVF-FM in New York!


Just received word that "The Speed of Light" is in rotation at WCVF-FM in New York.  A big thank you to Tom Bingham and all the station's listeners at SUNY!


Welcome CHMR-FM 93.5 listeners!


A big thanks to Clash at CHMR in St. John's, Newfoundland for playing my cover track "Stumblin' In" on the Key Contrast show this past week!  To all of you stopping by who may have heard it that day, be sure to check out the other tracks from my newest release "The Speed of Light" and if you have a moment, sign my guest book!


CD for sale now!


Remember when you purchase to included email or other contact info as the first 50 buyers get a free X-Sonic t-shirt in your choice of sizes. The first FIVE buyers get a FREE iPod Shuffle as well! $12.97 for a CD, t-shirt AND iPod? Not a bad deal, eh? Click the link below to purchase:


X-Sonic: The Speed of Light

CD Release Promotional Deal


The compact disk of "The Speed of Light" will be available for purchase soon EXCLUSIVELY from CDBaby.com!

Keep checking here frequently for the release date because the first 50 purchasers of the physical CD will receive a free poster and T-shirt in any size (S, M, L, XL, and XXL).  And, even better, the first FIVE purchasers will receive a brand-new 2GB iPod Shuffle as well as the T-shirt and poster.  That's more than a $70 value for only $14.99! 

In the meantime, click on the Listen button and preview all of the tracks on the new album.  To keep up with the lastest news and information, be sure to sign up to join the mailing list for X-Sonic.


The Speed of Light Sneak Preview!


An exclusive preview of the entire album "The Speed of Light" is now available exclusively on x-sonic.com through this weekend.  Click on Listen or use the Flash player to hear all 14 tracks as 112K bitrate mp3s (medium quality audio).  The first 11 tracks can also be freely downloaded and passed along to anyone you think might like them.  High quality (200K variable bitrate) mp3s of the first 12 tracks will be available for purchase through iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon.com and many other online retailers soon.The last two tracks will only be available as bonus tracks on the CD, which will be released in early October through CD Baby. 


New Album Update!


Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone is getting their summer off to a great start. Things have progressed much more quickly than I anticipated, so it's looking like I might have the new album ready for preview on this site as well as for purchase in CD and downloadable formats by sometime around Labor Day. I am now in the post-recording stages doing the final tweaking on mixes before sending them to the mastering studio, hopefully sometime in July. I plan to have some pretty cool free giveaway stuff for those who purchase the CD, available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so check back here often for the release date and more details later this summer on the free goodies!


Electric Underground Out Now!

Quickstar Productions has just released "Electric Underground Vol. 2." Available on iTunes and at Amazon for digital download, this compilation of 15 electronica/synthpop artists includes my SoundClick #1 hit "Let's Run Away" along with many other great tracks by up and coming new artists.

Recording Underway...

I'm currently in the studio now finishing the recording for my new album "Regeneration X." Tentatively scheduled for release in the 4th quarter of this year, it will include 11 new tracks including "Any Other Day," "The Speed Of Light," and "Your Side Of The World," plus a completely new version of the song "Disconnected" from the last album.

Another Radio Station added!

CFBX 92.5 FM in British Columbia has added music from Synthetic Heart, including the former SoundClick #1 "Crazy Over You." As a result, the CD debuts at #21 on CFBX's airplay chart and at #3 on the Electronic chart! A big thank you to the folks at CFBX and everyone in Canada for giving Synthetic Heart a listen! You can check out CFBX on the web at www.thex.ca.

X-Sonic Keeps 80’s Synth Around

Check out the great new review from Sound Train Music! I'd also like to extend a special welcome to any listeners from Sound Train. Thanks for stopping by to check things out! While you're here, be sure to sign the guest book.

Welcome VeluweFM listeners!

Special greetings to all VeluweFM listeners in the Netherlands who found there way to this site after hearing X-Sonic on your station! Take a listen to the samples here and drop a comment in the guestbook. If you like what you hear, be sure to let the folks at VeluweFM know!

Holiday News Update

I'd like to wish everyone a happy holiday season and thank everyone for their support over the last year. The past few months since the release of "Synthetic Heart" has been an exciting one and I am looking forward to Quickstar Productions release of "Electric Underground" soon. It will feature the most successful track to date from the album, "Let's Run Away." In the meantime, I'm hard at work in the studio finishing the last 2 or 3 songs which will be on next year's release. There is some exciting new stuff on it, so I hope you'll check back often for updates and maybe a sneak preview as the release draws closer.

World Talents Radio

"Let's Run Away" has now logged EIGHT consecutive weeks at Number 1 on the World Talents Radio website! Go to www.wtradio.com to vote now!

Radio Indy review posted!

"Synthetic Heart" gets its first press review! Check out what Trent C. at Radioindy.com has to say about the album under the "Press" tab at the top of the page.

X-Sonic Receives Gold Artist Award!

Radioindy.com, an independent internet radio site recently awarded X-Sonic the Gold Artist Award for the hit track "Let's Run Away" which just debuted on Radioindy's Electronica chart at #1!

"Let's Run Away" to be featured on Electric Underground

The track "Let's Run Away" has just been selected for inclusion on the "Electric Underground" CD compilation being released later this autumn by Quickstar Productions in Baltimore, MD. Quickstar Productions, in partnership with Sony Music/Red Distribution, specializes in serving the music community by providing marketing and distribution opportunities for artists, bands, and small labels. In addition to providing additional exposure for X-Sonic, sales of the CD will in part be used to help support the Go Green Initiative (www.gogreeninitiative.org), so your purchase will help support a good cause. The CD will be available for sale both on this site as well as Amazon.com.

"Let's Run Away" Continues Number 1 Streak!

The most popular track from "Synthetic Heart" has now logged over 2 consecutive weeks at at number 1 on the World Talents Radio (www.wtradio.com) website. It also has returned to the top spot on SoundClick's House subgenre chart in the Electronica genre for the last 5 days. Thanks again to everyone for listening!

"Synthetic Heart" a Top Pick on IndieRhythm.com

"Synthetic Heart" has been selected as a Top Pick in both the Electronica/Techno/Club/Dance genre and the Pop/Rock genre at the indepdent artist online superstore, IndieRhythm.com! Two tracks, "Crazy Over You" and "Let's Run Away" are currently featured on their online internet radio station. Check out www.indierhythm.com for more details!

Another Number 1!

Today "Let's Run Away" captured the No. 1 position on the World Talents Radio internet radio chart. Thanks to everyone who listened and voted!

New Top Ten Entry

Today I just received word that my former SoundClick number 1 song "Let's Run Away" debuted at number 7 on the World Talents Radio internet radio website. This is a site that features artists from all genres from around the globe and chart placement is determined by the votes of the listeners. Go to www.wtradio.com today, register for free and vote for "Let's Run Away" now! (Only one vote per song per registrant is permitted)

Chart update

Well, the promotion of various tracks from "Synthetic Heart" is winding up today after 3 months. Thanks to everyone for listening and for all of the great feedback and comments. Also, a big thank you to everyone for helping all 8 tracks that were featured on SoundClick reach #1 on their respective charts! Even though the album is still fairly new, I'm already beginning work in the studio on a new album project which will hopefully appear sometime next year. Keep checking back for updates.

Big Day On The Charts!

Today has proven to be the best day yet on SoundClick! On the Electronica charts, "Down For The Count" holds on at #1 for the entire chart while "Let's Run Away" hangs on at #3 on the House subchart and "Spinning Around" keeps going at #5 on the Dance subchart. Over on the Pop chart "Fade To Blue" is at #1 overall. In addition, "Straight For The Heart" is at #4 on the Pop/Rock subchart and "Right Into You Hands" stays in the game at #5 on the Adult Contemporary subchart. To top it off, the CDs and downloads have started to sell (thanks to all my customers!) and "Synthetic Heart" has just passed the 60,000 mark in total number of plays since its release on SoundClick! Thanks to one and all for your support and keep spreading the word!

SoundClick Chart Update

After more than a week holding the top spot on the Pop chart "Straight For The Heart" slips to number 11. Over on the Electronica chart "Let's Run Away" holds at number 1 on the House subgenre chart, but falls off the main chart after 8 days in a row in the top spot. Not to worry, though. It is replaced by my latest promo song "Down For The Count" which debuts at number 2. Look for an appearance by the final promo track "Fade To Blue" from "Synthetic Heart" on the main Pop chart later in the week!

Happy 4th of July!

As we head into the July 4th weekend the number of plays for the tracks on "Synthetic Heart" at SoundClick.com has passed 30,000! Thanks to everyone for listening and be sure to check out the purchase links above for info on how to get a copy of the CD or MP3 downloads.

Back To Back Number 1 songs!

Today "Right Into Your Hands" hit #1 on SoundClick's Pop chart the same day "Spinning Around" ascended to the #1 spot on SoundClick's Electronica chart. As a special promotion for the release of the CD, both of these tracks are available on SoundClick as a FREE mp3 download through June 28. Get them while you can!


After a long wait and some delays, I'm happy to announce that "Synthetic Heart" will be available for release Tuesday, June 23rd. Click on the links above to purchase the CD and/or MP3 files!

Radio Release

The single "Right Into Your Hands" is being distributed on Oasis CD's "sampler" disk to several hundred Adult Top 40/Adult Contemporary format radio stations around the US next month. Be sure to call your local AC radio station and request it when it becomes available!

Chart Update

Both "Right Into Your Hands" and "Spinning Around" are now in the Top 20 of the pop and electronica charts, respectively at SoundClick.com. Thanks to everyone for listening!

Chart Update

Wow! "Disconnected" has held the #1 spot on SoundClick's Electronica chart for 5 of the last 6 days! On the Pop chart "Right Into Your Hands" moves up to #5. Thanks to everyone who has been listening and spreading the word!

"Disconnected" tops the SoundClick charts

"Disconnected" hangs on to #1 on the Electronica chart today despite some stiff competition. "Right Into Your Hands" replaces "Crazy Over You" on the overall Pop chart, debuting at #11. It climbs to #3 on the Adult Contemporary subgenre rankings. Meanwhile "Crazy Over You" continues to hang on in the Pop-General subgenre rankings at #8. Thanks to everyone for listening! If you like what you hear, spread the word! Remember, high-quality mp3 downloads of all of the tracks on "Synthetic Heart" are available for purchase at www.soundclick.com/xsonic right now. Look for the CD to be available for sale in early June. Final release date will be announced here soon!

Number 1!

"Crazy Over You" rocketed from #17 yesterday on the Pop chart at SoundClick yesterday to the #1 slot! Thanks to all the listeners that helped take it there so fast.

"Right Into Your Hands" hits the charts

"Right Into Your Hands" debuts today at #9 on the Adult Contemporary sub-genre chart for SoundClick's Pop chart

"Crazy Over You" hits SoundClick charts

The lead-off track from "Synthetic Heart" debuted yesterday at #73 on the SoundClick Pop-General charts. Today it edges up to #68, but with a strong promotional push over the weekend, look for it to climb considerably higher. Go to SoundClick.com/xsonic to purchase Crazy Over You today, only 99 cents!

Tracks Added!

Four tracks have been added to one of the Internet radio stations on SoundClick.com. Check out my "Links" page to go to this station.

"Spinning Around" hits the charts!

The first week of its release, the track "Spinning Around" from the forthcoming CD "Synthetic Heart" debuted at #95 on SoundClick.com's Pop-General chart and climbed as high as #58. Over 27,000 different songs on the SoundClick website are eligible for inclusion on this particular chart, so this is a very nice start given that promotion hasn't really gotten underway yet. Go to www.soundclick.com/xsonic and listen to this track as well as the other 11 tracks from the album to help me climb SoundClick's charts!

Now available at www.soundclick.com/xsonic

Downloadable mp3s of all tracks on "Synthetic Heart" will be available for purchase starting Monday April 27th at SoundClick. Individual tracks are 99 cents each, or save a couple of dollars and buy the entire album for $9.99. The CD will be available for purchase at CD Baby, Amazon.com and other sites in early June. Check back for more information.

Music Links Fixed!

As everyone can probably tell, I'm still learning how to put this website together. I discovered today that I had somehow taken down 10 of the 12 song clips. After a bit of troubleshooting, I figured out the problem and they are back up and running.

"Synthetic Heart" coming soon!

The debut album "Synthetic Heart" will be on sale soon in both digital download form and CD. Check back for details and the official release date. In the meantime, you can listen to samples of all 12 tracks from the album by clicking on "Music."