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X-Sonic Keeps 80’s Synth Around Fans of Pac-Man, MTV, Transformers and those who love electronic synth pop: We’ve been treated very much with having the little yellow guy on our phones, some classic rewind type shows, giant robots brought to life and more music particular to that time still being created. Meet Michael Kauzlarich. The one man band behind X-Sonic. Born and raised in the upper US Midwest and being a teen in the 80’s, we find a physician rediscovering a passion for music and bringing us a compilation of music from the era many of us used to be afraid to admit we liked. In 2006 he caught up with modern equipment and started recording covers of several songs from that time. Within a few years he mastered the basics of digital recording and ventured into writing his own music. And we’re glad he did. X-Sonic’s first album “Synthetic Heart” is a perfect continuation of early synth-pop today. In some tracks, like “Let’s Run Away”, I can re-imagine myself in that club in the basement of some city, bunch of people dancing in black gear, maybe some spiked hair then when the sun came up we all dispersed for breakfast and sleep. With “Straight For the Heart” there’s a love ballad reminiscent of some moments with girls I can not mention. “After the Night Falls” is another cool track that’s got some stabs that I want to hear more of. Compare this guy to Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, OMD. No, don’t compare him to them; put him in THAT category. As I mentioned earlier, X-Sonic is a continuation of the genre. The writing style, the sound and any other aspect of it you can imagine is spot on. Personally, I’m excitedly glad this is here and new. I want to be the first to tell my old friends from that time about this one. Check out the website www.x-sonic.com for some samples off this album. As you find yourself ordering this album, keep a few bucks set aside for Mike, he’s anticipating another album release possibly this fall of 2010. Sound Train Listeners: We’ll give this one a review on air in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out on our blog for the date & time.” - DJ 911

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Synthetic Heart" by X-Sonic is a refreshing wave of 80's synthpop meets modern day electronica. The production of each track is progressive and provides solid and extremely danceable beats. The melodies coupled with the lyrics keep the listener in a kaleidoscope of romance, escape, and a night out all at once. This CD is definitely one that has the potential of being pumped in downtown nightclubs to get everyone out on the dancefloor. "Crazy Over You", the opening track really sets the tone of creativity and originality with a familiarity and a classic feel that can be heard throughout this record. Toward the end, "Fade to Blue" cools it down with a smooth ballad sound while still keeping the synthetic effects strong. Older fans of Dead or Alive as well as younger fans of Justice can thoroughly enjoy this up and coming band out of Tennessee. -Trent C. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team” - Trent C.